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How to create a Saved Audience in Revealbot
How to create a Saved Audience in Revealbot

Learn how to create a new Saved audience to help you achieve your targeting goals

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One of the essential parts of any marketing strategy is running continuous research on the target audience and testing its variations. The Revealbot audience builder can help you achieve exactly that - easily create a Saved Audience that will always be at your fingertips whenever you create new campaigns in Revealbot. It will significantly save your time as you won't need to recreate the audience from scratch or constantly switch to Ads manager.

You can then duplicate your existing Saved audience and change the settings any time! Follow the steps below and create a new Saved audience with us.

1. You can access Saved Audiences within the Launch section: either in Bulk Creation or Post Boosting:

In both cases, the Audiences are available in the top menu:

Once you click on Audiences, you will se Saved Audiences list by default, other audience types are available in the tabs as well. Click the button "+Create audience" to get started with your brand new Saved audience.

2. Name your audience and select an ad account

Depending on the ad account, you will see a selection of existing Custom and Lookalike audiences that belong to this ad account on Facebook.

Before selecting any of the existing audiences, you can choose whether you prefer to "Include users in all audiences", which means it will only include people who belong to all audiences that you select from the drop-down menu.
Alternatively, you can opt for including people who belong to "At least one audience" from the ones that you select, which means it will include the person if they are a part of at least one of the selected audiences. This is a great way to narrow down the target audience you want to reach.

3. Select locations, age and gender

There are several options when it comes to people in certain locations - you can include or exclude everyone in the location, who is recently in this location, live or travelling in the location:

There is also an option to narrow down a distance for certain location types:

4. Detailed targeting

It allows you to refine the group of people to whom your ads will be shown. You can do this with information such as additional demographics, interests, and behaviours. The options are limitless and can be based on the ads your potential audience clicks, pages they engage with, device usage, demographics, travel preferences, etc.

Note: The details you select aren't mutually inclusive. This means that if you add three interests (for example, movies, books and TV), the algorithm will look for people who match the location, age, gender and language you selected, who also match with either "movies," or "books" or "TV."

If you want to further customise your intended audience, click the "Narrow" blue button after you add your initial choices, you will see a new field "And at least one below" where you can type in additional targeting:

This will help the algorithm focus your audience makeup on people who must match at least one of your previously identified qualities and the additional details you add. For example, if you originally chose to include people who match with "movies," or "books" or "TV," and then you add "yoga," it will now search for people who must match "yoga" and either "movies," "books" or "TV."


You can also exclude certain demographics, interests or behaviours from your audience, and mix both settings by including and excluding certain targeting. Here is a Facebook article explaining Detailed targeting if you would like to learn more.

5. Detailed targeting Expansion (aka Advantage detailed targeting)

Meta Advantage detailed targeting can help improve your campaign performance by allowing the algorithm to reach a broader group of people than you defined in your detailed targeting selections earlier.

You can use this option when you want your ad to be shown to additional people who are likely to get you more or cheaper results, or both, against your optimization goals. The system implements Advantage detailed targeting when it determines that doing so could improve performance.

Please note that audiences with enabled Detailed targeting expansion cannot be used for campaigns with certain objectives. If this is the case, you will see a tooltip message: "The Audience isn't available for creation as it contains Detailed targeting". If you would like to use this audience in this campaign, please make sure you disable Detailed targeting expansion by unchecking the box inside audiences settings.

Note: Detailed targeting expansion setting is not equivalent to Advantage audience setting on FB. The latter is a special new setting introduced by Facebook for saved audiences containing Custom AND LAL audiences. It uses your Custom Audience and LAL as a source to guide delivery to reach more people likely to achieve your expressed optimization goal. Neither is it equivalent to Advantage custom audience. In other words, Advantage audience and Advantage custom audience settings are not managed by Detailed targeting expansion setting in Revealbot.

6. Use Saved Audiences in Post boosting and Bulk creation

When creating ads in Revealbot either via Post Boosting or Bulk Creation, you can use Saved audiences created both on Facebook and Revealbot. You will find both of these categories on the Ad set tab under Audience dropdown.

If you cannot find your existing audiences created on Facebook, please check if you have added them to the Saved Audience. To do this, open Facebook Business Manager, click on Audiences on the left side menu, then click on the "Create Audience" dropdown and select "Saved Audiences" from the bottom of the list. Once the audience is added to the Saved Audience, it will appear in the Revealbot interface.

Another advantage of using Revealbot saved audiences is that you can split audiences further by Interest/Behavior, Age, Gender, Location in Bulk creation. Each version of the audience will be used for targeting of its own ad set.

Pro-tip: Use Revealbot Top audiences report to discover your best and worst-performing audiences across all your campaigns, and create new audiences based on these insights πŸͺ„

A couple of things to take into account

Saved audiences created in Revealbot are not automatically synced to Facebook, they are available only in Revealbot. Also, if you change the Saved audience settings after the ads have been launched, this will not affect the ads that are already running.

If you have any questions regarding Saved audiences, please don't hesitate and reach out to our team!

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