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How to export the attribution and tracking data into Google Sheets
How to export the attribution and tracking data into Google Sheets

Learn how to pull your tracking data from other tools into a Google Sheet to source Revealbot automation rules with the numbers you trust

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Google Sheet integration is one of the most popular Revealbot features, as it helps to tackle the attribution and tracking challenge. In a nutshell, once you have connected Google Sheet populated with your data to Revealbot, you can then create a custom metric based on the sheet and use it in automation rules. This way, you know exactly what data you're relying on, ensuring your decisions are spot-on and helping you reach your goals.

This integration is available for all platforms - Meta Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads. Here is a detailed article about Google Sheet integration, set-up options and functions.

The general rule of thumb is that you need your data to land in a Google Sheet. If it can get into Google Sheets, it can get into Revealbot.

Typically, this involves one of the four ways to get this done:

1) Automatically export data from your attribution tool to sheets, for example Hyros has an such option

2) Connect the data to a sheet using an API of the tracking service (you might need your tech team's help for this one)

3) Link the data to a sheet using exporting tools like Zapier or SyncWith

4) Go the classic route — run a CSV export and upload the data to a sheet

We have prepared a list with possible ways on how to export data from most popular attribution platforms and tracking services as a CSV file compatible with Google Sheet integration in Revealbot.

Please keep in mind, this info might change as these platforms develop, so we recommend double-checking with the support teams of these platforms for the most recent updates.

Tracking & Attribution Services

  • Triple Whale allows exporting data as a CSV file. The report will include metrics shown on the Pixel Page and will have a breakdown by date, campaign, ad set, and ad. This would contain campaign, ad set, ad IDs, along with all of the Pixel information.

  • Hyros provides an option to either download reports to a local CSV file or upload to Google Sheets. Regular scheduled exports are also available, you can choose to override the initial file with the updated one each time a new version is exported. The export will include ad IDs required for matching by a custom metric in Revealbot.

  • Wicked Reports allows exporting data into CSV file. They also provide an API in case you require a more specific set-up, please check out the Wicked Reports API Documentation.

  • AnyTrack allows exporting as a spreadsheet by clicking the respective button on the top right of your Campaigns tab. For more specific instructions or further details, please reach out to their support team.

  • Northbeam has “Export CSV” buttons throughout the Northbeam platform. When you click the button, it will take current report on the page and export it as a CSV file. All the steps are explained in this article.

Exporting tools

If the tool you are using for attribution doesn't have a clear instructions on exporting data into a CSV format, you can try one of the following exporting tools which are already integrated with lots of attribution and tracking services:

  • Supermetrics is integrated with over 100 tools, so the data can land into sheets from this services. On this page you can learn more about how it works and look up specific tools that you are currently using.

  • Zapier is integrated with over 5000 apps so there is a big chance you will find the one you are using. Check out this page to find a pair with your tool or use some of the templates to bring data to Google sheet.

  • SyncWith focuses on synching data between different platforms such as marketing platforms, or for example bringing data from Shopify to Google Sheets.

We hope this list will simplify the process of setting up your Google Sheet and connecting it with Revealbot for improved results.

If your favorite service isn't mentioned here, feel free to reach out to us through the chat bubble or drop us an email at, and we'd be delighted to add it to the list for you!

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