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Upload creatives in bulk with Google Drive integration
Upload creatives in bulk with Google Drive integration

Enjoy a new streamlined Bulk Creation workflow that allows to upload files from Google Drive to the Meta Library

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We know that many of our users rely on Google Drive to organize and manage their creative assets. To make launching ads in Revealbot even smoother and more efficient, we're rolling out a new integration with Google Drive! 🎉

Experience a seamless file upload from Google Drive to the Meta Library, which eliminates the need to download files to your local computer, so you can streamline and save time in your Bulk Creation workflow.

How it works

The file upload feature has been added to the Bulk Creation flow as a first tab, so it can be used in the ad creation process. To get started, please follow the steps described below:

1 - Link your Google Drive Account to Revealbot

First, go to the Integrations section and click on Google Ads & Google Drive card:

Choose an account that you would like to use for creatives upload and click "Connect Account" to start the linking process:

Next, authorize access by entering your Google account credentials and provide the necessary permissions by clicking "Allow":

Feel free to connect as many Google Drive accounts as you need for future uploads of creatives, you can also come back to Integrations and connect more accounts later.

❗️Please note that you need to be the owner of the Google account in order to be able to upload the creatives from the associated Google Drive. Since Shared Drives do not have an owner level of rights, they cannot be used for creatives upload due to Google API restrictions.

2 - Upload Creatives from Google Drive

To upload new creatives into Facebook and launch ads using them, start by creating a new Bulk Creation.

On the first "Upload" tab you need to select an ad account which Media Library the files need to be uploaded to, and a Google Drive account to upload media from:

Navigate to "Upload new media" section and select "Google Drive" as a source:

Next, you will see a window with all folders and images from the selected Google Drive account. Please select the files you'd like to upload and click "Select":

❗️Please note the following upload specifics:

  • For the files to be available for upload it is required that the containing folder permissions are set to “Anyone with the link”

  • Multiple files can be selected from a single folder at a time by using the CRTL or SHIFT key while selecting with the mouse

  • Currently it is not possible to select an entire folder itself, so if you need to select all files within the folder, open it first and then select all files by CRTL or SHIFT

Please note that the upload process is asynchronous, meaning, that once all the files are selected, you can move on with the Bulk Creation process, there is no need to wait for the upload to be finished 🙌🏼

Once the files have been successfully uploaded, you will see them in "Upload new media" section:

If something goes wrong with the upload, you will see the respective error message with the explanation of the issue:

3 - Launch ads using the files uploaded from Google Drive

While your files are being processed, you can move on with the ad creation process, you will be notified once the upload has been completed.

At this point, you can start configuring your creative set on the "Ads" tab under "Creatives". Click "Select creative set" to start:

Next, click "New creative set":

Then, add the media that has been uploaded by clicking "Add media":

In the window that opens up you will see the folders with your recent uploads. Feel free to edit the folder names if needed:

Select the files that you want to use for your ads, and click "Add":

Complete the creative set configuration by adding the primary text, headline, CTA, description, URL etc. You also use Placement Asset Customization to customize your Meta creatives for different placements:

Once you fill out all campaign, ad set and ad settings, make sure you review the resulting ads, and you are ready to launch! 🚀

Restrictions and requirements

Image requirements:

  • Recommended formats: JPG and PNG (other formats are supported)

  • Max file size: 30 MB

  • Recommended resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels

  • Aspect ratio: 1.91:2 to 1:2

Video requirements:

  • Recommended formats: MP4, MOV, or GIF (other video formats supported)

  • Max file size: 4 GB

  • Recommended resolution: Min. 1080 x 1080

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