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Troubleshooting connection issues to your Google account
Troubleshooting connection issues to your Google account

Learn about permissions required to your Google account in order to use various Revealbot features, how to grant and revoke them

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When it comes to connecting your Google account to Revealbot, you might be interested in using several features: Google Ads automation and regular reports or bulk upload of creatives from Google Drive, or both. Regardless of the feature you are interested in, we will always ask you to grant us access to your Google Drive and Google Ads.

​It may be the case that after you connected your account, you come across the following warning message in the Integrations:

'Google account connected without access to Google Ads. More info'

​Most likely you see this warning because the Google account you have connected doesn't have Google Ads accounts associated with it. What does that mean for you?
Let's look into a couple of possible scenarios:

Case 1: I want to use bulk upload of creatives from Google Drive to launch ads

So if you connected this Google account to use it with the Bulk Creation feature only, ignore the warning. Everything is okay, the Google Drive account is successfully connected, no further actions are required.

Case 2: I connected a Google account by mistake

No worries! Consider revoking the permissions you have given to Revealbot in your Google account settings by following the steps below.

How to revoke the permissions to your Google account (in Google Chrome)

1. Click your avatar in the upper right corner
2. Click Manage your Google Account

3. Click Data & Privacy in the left-hand navigation menu
4. Scroll down to Data from apps and services you use section -> Apps and services

-> Third-party Apps & services

5. Click Third-party Apps & services to see the full list of the apps and services
6. Find and click Revealbot

7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Delete all connections you have with Revealbot

8. Click the Confirm button in the modal window that appeared

All done, you have revoked Revealbot's permission to your Google account 🙌

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via in-app chat or at

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