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“No ads were live” in Top creatives
“No ads were live” in Top creatives
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Generally, this error means that no ads where live during the selected timeframe with the specified filters, and can be fixed by adjusting filters and the timeframe of the report.

However, if you think that some ads that comply with the filters were actually live in the given period, please check the instructions below:

Facebook Ads

Another possible cause might be that you disabled "Include Advantage+ app campaigns and Dynamic creative ads" setting when creating this report, whereas your ad account uses these types of ads.

Go to report settings, section “Advanced options” and check if you have enabled the checkbox. Make sure it’s on and save the report:

TikTok Ads

In case of TikTok ads, this error might appear if the report scope is matching Spark ads and Product Shopping ads.

Currently, creatives used in Spark ads and Product Shopping cannot be included into the TikTok Top creatives.

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