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What is the difference between Bulk Creation and Creative Testing?
What is the difference between Bulk Creation and Creative Testing?
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As Revealbot has now introduced a new Creative Testing feature, you might be wondering, how it is different from the old good Bulk Creation πŸ€”

Two options might seem similar at first glance, but they each have their unique strengths. Let's take a closer look at what sets them apart and how they can help you boost your advertising efforts.

Creative Testing

Creative Testing is designed specifically for experiments with creative assets, so it gives more control over how creatives are distributed across ad sets, while adding efficiency via copiable settings.

1) More control over the number of ad sets and their parameters

You can set a specific number of ad sets to be created for your test, and choose a different conversion location for each one. On the review tab, ad set names can be reviewed and edited, if necessary.

2) Faster setup with simplified flow

The settings of ad sets and ads can be duplicated across all ad sets, which reduces the time spent on manual, repetitive tasks.

3) Upload creatives in bulk directly from Google Drive or your computer

Seamlessly access and upload multiple creatives from your local storage or Google Drive and save time by eliminating repetitive tasks

4) Focus on creatives

The simplified flow allows to focus on testing creatives, so settings that are not needed for these purposes (e.g. splitting audiences) are removed.

Same goes for adding multiple text, CTA, URL and other multiple ad variables. This allows you to narrow down on what imagery resonates with your audience without having to account for other ad ingredients.

Bulk Creation

Bulk Creations helps you accelerate ad creation in bulk compared to the native Ads Manager flow. It's focus is on increasing the efficiency by reducing manual work, and creation multiple ad combinations in just a few clicks.

1) Focus on quick creation of multiple ad combinations

Save time by forming different variations of ad sets instead of long hypothesis testing, increase the efficiency by reducing manual work, get to see all of your combos before they get created.

The final number of ads depends on the number of different options you input for each field when creating a creative set. For example if you choose 5 creative sets that contains 5 different pictures, 5 different text versions and 1 URLs, at check-out you will get 5*5*5*1=125 ads.

2) Suitable for audience testing

You can split audiences by Interest/behavior, age, gender, location, custom and lookalike audiences. Each version of the audience will be used for targeting of its own ad set.

All other ad sets settings are identical for all ad sets (e.g. budget, placements, optimization goal, attribution, schedule etc), which makes Bulk Creation perfect for audience testing.

To sum up, both Bulk Creation and Creative Testing bring something unique to the table for digital advertisers. By understanding the ins and outs of these tools, you can fine-tune your strategies to meet your marketing goals 🎯

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