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Creating ad campaigns in bulk
Creating ad campaigns in bulk
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Creating ad campaigns in bulk

What is Bulk Creation?

Bulk Creation is a tool that allows creating campaigns, ad sets, and ads right from Revealbot’s interface. Compared to Facebook Ads manager, Revealbot’s Bulk Creation adds a new value to your marketing strategy: by forming different variations of ad sets, you save time on long hypothesis testing, increase the efficiency by reducing manual work, get to see all of your combos before they get created, have the ability to split audiences, and see their reaction to each creative. It is easy to use and it lets you multiply headlines, texts, images/videos, links, headlines, and call to action buttons to create and test new ad combinations in just a few clicks.

How to do it?

This tool allows you to create and launch campaigns either from scratch or using some existing elements. Audiences and creative sets that you create in Revealbot are saved and can be reused. Bulk Creation includes 4 tabs: Campaign, Adsets, Ads, and Review. Let’s see how each one works step by step.

Before you continue reading, we recommend opening your Revealbot account and going through each step along with us, you will see how fast and simple it is:)

Step 1. Campaign

Start by choosing your Facebook ad account. Then select whether you want to create a new campaign or choose an existing one and give it a name.

Now let's choose an objective that aligns with your overall business goals:

  • Brand awareness

  • Reach

  • Traffic

  • Engagement

  • App installs

  • Video views

  • Conversions

Next, you can enable Special ad categories and Campaign budget optimization options. The campaign budget can be either Daily or Lifetime.

Step 2. Ad sets

Here comes the ad set naming. You can type in the desired name or select predefined macros to generate the names automatically.

Available ad set naming parameters:

Current year, Current month, Current day, Current date, Current time, Creative set name, Audience name, Custom audiences, Interests, Gender, Age range, Locations, Placements, Mobile OS, Optimisation goal, Billing event, Campaign ID

Choose one or more Audiences you would like to target in the Audiences section. For each one of them, an ad set will be created.

All audiences that you create in Revealbot will be available for future use as well.

By clicking the «New audience» button you can set up a new audience from scratch. Make sure to do this if you are using the tool for the first time.

How to create a new Audience

This process is similar to creating Saved Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager. All custom audiences and lookalikes that exist in your ad account will be available in the drop-down.

Then select demographics, locations, and other settings. Click Save and your first audience is ready.

All your audiences created in Revealbot will be available for future campaigns. You can use multiple audiences for one ad set and also split audiences by Interest/behavior, Age, Gender, Location, Custom, and lookalike audiences.

If the campaign budget optimization is not enabled you can set up the budget for each future adset in the Budget section.

Then, let’s set up the Schedule. There are three options:

  • Start today, which will set the start date to today, without an end date.

  • Run on specific days, which sets the Start and End dates.

  • You can also set no end date and run the ad campaign as ongoing.

Choose the one most suitable for your needs and move on to Placements.

In Placements, you’ll be able to choose either "Automatic" or "Manual" placements. Depending on the objective you choose, some placements may not be available.

With "Manual" placements you can choose where you want your ad to appear on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. Available options are:

Targeting mobile and desktop devices is also possible.

In the Optimization and delivery section choose the Optimization goal. Available optimization goals in a drop-down menu will depend on the Objective that you have chosen at the previous step.

Then, there is the Bid strategy. It can be either Highest value or lowest cost, bid cap, or cost cap. Note that available Bid strategies also depend on the Objective you have chosen at the previous step. For example, the cost cap strategy is not available for campaign objectives as Brand awareness, Reach, Video Views.

Step 3. Ads

On this tab, you can select the macros for new ads in adsets. Available ad naming parameters:

Current year, Current month, Current day, Current date, Current time, Creative set name, Post message, Post link, Post type, Call to action, Filename, Headline, Campaign ID, Adset ID, Post ID.

Define the Identity for the ads by selecting Facebook and/or Instagram page.

Set up creatives. Here comes Revealbot’s Bulk Creation core feature. By uploading different types of content, you create multiple ad sets and ads within them.

Click on the «New creative set» button.

Set a name, pick the format, add one or a few variants of texts, images or videos, headlines, descriptions, links, display links, and call to action. Check out the preview section, to ensure the creatives look like expected and click "Save".

The final number of ad sets and ads will depend on the number of different options you input for each field when creating a creative set and on the number of selected audiences. For example if you choose 1 audience, 1 creative set that contains 2 different pictures, 2 different text versions and 3 URLs, at check-out you will get 1 ad set and 1*2*2*3 = 12 ads.

Another way to add creatives is by using Post ID - a unique number generated for every new post (please note that Post ID is not an Ad ID!). Click on Post IDs button and paste into the field all IDs you would like to use in Bulk Creation, do not forget to separate them with comma or space.

Click Match button and below you will see the results:

If you have a lot of posts that you are planning to use for Bulk Creation and you don't want to spend too much time on copy - pasting each ID one by one, there is a great instrument - Post ID Export. At the end of the process you will get a csv file with all Post IDs that you choose.

First, click Export Post IDs button on the right side and in the opened window select specific items - campaigns, ad sets or ads one by one or by using filter and click Export.

It will take some time to process items, when it's done you will see the number of detected posts in the column Posts count. On the right side you will see the button Download CSV to download results.

Alternatively, you can tick the box next to the elements you are interested in adding into Bulk Creation process and click Match, you will see the results below.

Now, let's move on to the next step - Tracking.

In Tracking, there are URL parameters and macros that you can input to track by certain values, available parameters include (in the drop-down menu):

Current year, Current month, Current day, Current date, Current time, Ad account name, Ad account ID, Objective, Audience name, Custom audiences, Interests, Gender, Locations, Placements, Mobile OS, Age range, Optimisation goal, Billing event, Post message, Post link, Post type

Enable Meta Pixel, App Events, and Offline Events (for example, offline store visits), if necessary.

Lastly, the Review.

Step 4. Review

In Review, you’re able to see everything that has been chosen in the previous steps, a summary that shows the actual ad sets and ads that are going to be created after hitting the «Create» button. Make sure all ads are what you want them to be and delete the unnecessary ones.

If you click on the Ad set name, a new window will open up with all ads inside and their preview:

When you are done with choosing ads and ad sets you want to be created, click "Create" button in the upper right corner. It will take some time to process information and create all the items.

You are done! :) We hope you successfully created your new campaign with the Bulk Creation feature. If you have any questions, please ping us through the chat bubble in the right bottom corner of the page, we are always happy to assist!

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