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Meta rules
"The rule can be applied to a max of 2000 items on each ad account."
“Ad set budget cannot be changed as it is defined on campaign level.”
“Facebook couldn't retrieve data for items and returned an error - the rule didn’t trigger action”
“An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later.”
“An unknown error has occurred”
“Failed to copy entity! AppID not configured for custom events: Specified appID either not an app, or no custom app events have been invoked for it.”
“User does not have permission for this action: The user does not have permission for this action”
“Failed to copy entity! (#613) Calls to this api have exceeded the rate limit”
“Failed to copy entity! You can't use targeting_optimization with values, conversions, or app events as optimization goals in campaigns with a conversion objective...”
“Failed to copy entity! Ad account does not have access to Instagram account: The ad account does not have access to this Instagram account. Please use an authorized Instagram account or assign an ad account to this Instagram account first”
“Failed to copy entity! Terms not accepted: You may not run leads ads until your Facebook page has accepted Facebook's leads generation terms”
"Your access to advertisements is restricted: You no longer have permission to use Facebook products to advertise. You cannot serve ads, manage advertising resources, or create a new ad or new business accounts"
"#100 Missing permissions"
"Failed to copy entity! Maximum Number of Ads Reached: Your account has reached the maximum number of ads allowed. Please delete some of your older ads"
My sheet is active but I see this error in the logs “Google Sheet file was deleted or access to it was lost”