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Why do I see different metrics in Ads Manager and in Revealbot rule logs?
Why do I see different metrics in Ads Manager and in Revealbot rule logs?
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If the numbers in your rule logs are not aligned with the ones you have in Ads Manager there can be several possible reasons for that. Let's break down the most common. 

First, make sure you check the right timeframes - say, if you track the metric for the Last 3 days including today and today is November 15, then you'd need to pick November 13 - November 15 time period in Ads Manager: 

Learn more about time presets description here.

Next, we need to check the Attribution Window - we advise to set the adset Attribution window option in order to see the same data. Check out this article for further info: Explaining Attribution window setting

Another reason why you see different metrics is that you check the data on Facebook much later than when the rule has been applied. Let's check the exact time of when the results were registered. 

In order to get the time and date of a conversion in Ads Manager click on Breakdown button and select Time of Day (Ad account time zone):

Summing it up, the possible issues are:

  1. You check wrong timeframes;

  2. You have not enabled "Ad set Attribution window" option in the rule settings in Revealbot;

  3. You check the data in Ads Manager much later than when the rule triggered. So the data might already be different. In that case we usually recommend to set up additional rules to account for late conversions;

  4. You're checking different metrics. For instance, there is Purchase ROAS and Website Purchase ROAS. Purchase ROAS includes website data but it also includes mobile app and offline purchases;

  5. Less commonly, sometimes two ad sets with the exact same name can be confused so it's best to use IDs to be sure you're looking at the same item in the logs and on Facebook.

If you doubt your rules setup don't hesitate to ask our team for assistance!

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