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How to use the Top Creatives report for TikTok Ads
How to use the Top Creatives report for TikTok Ads
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The Top Creatives report provides an overview of the total performance of your creatives, with specific metrics across selected timeframes using Revealbot matching technology. You can analyze historic data, compare it to the current state, identify where your budget is leaking without generating enough value, and determine which creatives are most and least successful.

The reports are highly customisable to meet requirements of each team and your clients. You can decide how to match the creatives, choose from a wide range of metrics and timeframes, filter specific items based on targeted audience, item name, or status and much more. Let's take a closer look! ⚡️

How to set up a Top Creatives report for TikTok

Click "Analyze" in the left sidebar and then select "Top Creatives", or go use with this link to get started.

In the drop-down menu choose TikTok Ads as a platform, and click the button "Create report":

Once you click the "Create report" button, it will bring up a manual report configurator. You’ll have 2 configuration options:

We have an article that provides all the details on how these matching options work, please check it out here and pick the one that suits you best!

  • Match by Creatives - all identical creatives across selected campaigns and ad accounts will be merged into groups in the table

  • Group by name - create groups based on filters by name, delivery status to compare ads performance


Ad accounts

Choose the ad account which creatives you want to analyze. You can analyze creatives from up to five ad accounts at a time.


By using filter options, you can define which campaigns, ad groups, and ads you want to pull creatives from for the report. There are 4 types of filter options:

  • name - if campaign, ad group, ad name or ad text contains or does not contain a keyword

  • operation status - if campaign, ad group or ad is active or paused

  • status - if campaign, ad group or ad delivery is delivering or not

  • objective - if you'd like to filter items by campaign objective

All filters are connected by "AND" logic and therefore will include creatives where all filters are true.


You can choose up to ten metrics to analyze in one report. You can also create and save your own custom metric set and reuse it when creating new Top Creatives reports.


Select a period from the dropdown or define a specific period by enabling the Calendar dates toggle. You can also enable the "Compare" setting to compare results with the previous period:

Please feel free to check out this article to learn more about the timeframe setting in Top Creatives reports.


To make sure the data on your creatives is always up-to-date we've added the "Update report" option. Your report can be updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at a certain day and time. You can also choose the required time zone and enable notifications to be sent to an email or Slack channel by checking the "Notify when report is updated" box and choosing the team members that need to be updated from the dropdown.

You can also share the Top Creatives reports with anyone by clicking the chain link icon at the top of the report page:

Example of the Top Creatives report

Now let's build a new report to find out how creatives were performing in the last 30 days. We will select 1 ad account, active campaigns and active ad groups, 3 metrics - Spend, Impressions and CPM:

Once you're done setting up your Top Creatives report configurations, click the "Create" button at the top and Revealbot will start building your Top Creatives report. Depending on how many creatives you're analyzing at once, it may take several minutes for the report to be ready. When your report is ready, you’ll see a table of the creatives and their metrics.

Note: Images and videos are the only types of creatives that are currently supported in Top Creatives for TikTok.

Getting maximum insights from your report

You can narrow down your report view by sorting it by creative type / width / height /length in the dropdown and filter out the report by the metric values. For example, below we filtered out the report by Spend metric and creative type , so it shows only the video creatives with Spend above 0:

In the table of creatives, you have the option to sort your creatives in ascending ⬆️ and descending ⬇️ order based on the metric values - just find the required metric in the header and click the arrow sign to change the order.

When you hover over a particular creative, a preview will appear for your convenience. If your creative is a video, you can play it right from the table.

Creative detail view

In the Details popup, you can see how many ads the image was used in. When you click on a creative, you will see a list of ads and ad groups with direct links to TikTok Ads Manager.

In case you have multiple ad accounts in the report, Ad account info and Filter creatives by ad accounts options will help you see which ad account the creative came from. You can also view analytics of the creative on the ad level.

You will also see more detail about the type of creative. For example, the creative below is an 8-second video with 1080x1920 px resolution.

Saving your Top Creatives report

Your Top Creatives reports are automatically saved after creating and editing them. Don't forget to give your report a distinctive name by replacing "Untitled report" at the top of the page with your own text.

And that is it 🥳 Go to to see your most recently viewed report or create your first report from scratch.

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