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How to use the Top Creatives report for Meta Ads
How to use the Top Creatives report for Meta Ads
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Top Creatives report allows you to see the total performance of each image and video ad wherever it’s used using Revealbot's creative matching technology.

The report is highly customisable - you can choose from a wide range of metrics, timeframes, filter out the creatives by the campaign/ad set/ad parameters and audiences, and even choose how the creatives will be matched! The reports can be truly versatile and serve a broad spectrum of functions for different marketing and creative teams. Let's look at how to set it up!

Create a report from a template

Click "Launch" in the left sidebar and select "Top Creatives", or go directly with this link:

You can either Create a new report from scratch or Browse ready-to-use templates:

If you go with our pre-made templates for specific marketing tasks, just pick one of the options that suits you:

  • Last week's best creatives - Find insights into which creatives have generated the best result within the last 7 days

  • Track performance over time - Catch changes in creatives performance over time to optimize your ads efficiently

  • Best visuals for posts - Discover which creatives in Facebook posts bring the most revenue

  • Top Video Ads - Discover high-engagement videos with the best Hook rate

Once you selected the template, you will be invited to specify up to 5 ad accounts for the report. And there you go, enjoy the results! 🤩

Create a report from scratch

This option will bring up a manual report configurator. You’ll have several configuration options:


We have an article that provides all the details on how these matching options work, please check it out here and pick the one that suits you best!

You can choose one of the three options when it comes to how your creatives are matched:

  • Match by Creative - all identical creatives across selected ad accounts will be merged into groups in the table

  • Match by Post ID - creatives with the same Post IDs will be matched and merged into groups in the table

  • Group by name - create groups based on filters by name, delivery status to compare ads performance

  • Analyze individual ads - get insights for each specific ad using a variety of metrics, including video engagement


Ad accounts. Choose the ad accounts which creatives you want to analyze. You can analyze creatives from up to five ad accounts at a time.

Filters. By using filter options, you can be more specific about the types of campaigns, ad sets, and ads you want to analyze creatives from. There are five types of filter options:

  • audience - allows you to filter out ads with specific audiences, only creatives placed in ads targeting audiences having specified age, gender or location will be included in the report

  • name - if campaign, ad set, or ad contains or does not contain a keyword

  • status - if campaign, ad set, or ad is or is not active or paused, etc.

  • delivery - if campaign, ad set, or ad is or is not active, inactive, scheduled, and more

  • objective - if you'd like to filter items by campaign objective

All filters are combined with an "AND" relationship and therefore will include creatives where all filters are true.


When analyzing creatives, you can choose what metrics to analyze them for. You can choose up to ten metrics to analyze from 3 sections:

You can also create and save your own custom metric set and reuse it when creating new Top Creatives reports.


Choose a timeframe to analyze your creatives. Select a period from the dropdown or look at the particular period by enabling the Calendar dates toggle.

Please feel free to check out this article to learn more about the timeframe setting in Top Creatives reports.


To make sure the data on your creatives is always up-to-date we've added the Update report option. Your report can be updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at a certain day and time. You can also choose the required timezone and enable notifications to be sent to an email or Slack channel by checking the Notify when report is updated box and choosing the team members that need to be updated from the dropdown.

There are two more advanced options:

Attribution window

Use ad set attribution window toggle is enabled as the default option.

Alternatively, you can configure the attribution window to the following options:

  • 1-day click

  • 1-day view

  • 7-day click (default)

  • 28-day click

  • 1-day click and 1-day view

  • 7-day click and 1-day view

  • 28-day click and 7-day view

  • 28-day click and 1-day view

For more details on the attribution window setting check out this article.

If you selected Hyros metrics for your report, you can also choose an attribution model for these metrics:


To include ads with Dynamic Creative Optimization and Automated App Ads into your report enable the toggle.

Once you're done setting up your Top Creatives report configurations, click the "Create" button at the top and Revealbot will start building your Top Creatives report. Depending on how many creatives you're analyzing at once, it may take several minutes for the report to be ready.

Note: Images, videos, carousels, and page posts are the only types of creatives that are currently supported in Top Creatives.

Share a report with your clients and stakeholders

To share the report with anyone, click Share and copy the public link:

You can share Top Creatives reports with all your team members. When the toggle Share report with the team in the report settings is enabled - this report appears in the list of all your team members so they can open, edit, duplicate or delete the report:

The report will be shared with filters, so you can easily limit the report's scope to a relevant data set. Also, it is now possible to save filter states, so refreshing a report no longer resets filter options.

You can also white-label the report to remove Revealbot logo and/or add your own. Learn here how to manage this setting:

It is also possible to export the report into a CSV file, please check out this article to learn how this can be done:

How to use the Top Creatives report

When your report is ready, you’ll see a table of the creatives and their metrics.

You can further sort your creatives by creative type in the dropdown and/ or add filter (s). If I apply the selection in the screenshot below, the report will show the creatives of all types that have spent over a hundred USD.

In the table of creatives, you have the option to sort your creatives by any of your selected metrics in ascending and descending order by clicking the metric column header.

By hovering over a particular creative a magnified image/ preview will appear for your convenience. If your creative is a video, you would be able to play it right from the table.

Creative detail view

In the Details popup, you can see how many ads the image was used in. When you click a creative, you will see a list of those ads and their ad sets with direct links to them in Meta Ads Manager. There is the Ad account info and Filter creatives by ad accounts option as well. So in case of multiple ad accounts in the report this will help you see from which ad account the creative came from. You can also view analytics of the creative on the ad level.

You will also see more detail about the type of creative. For example, in the below creative, it's an image in 1:1 ratio at a 2048x2048 px resolution in a square format.

By clicking "Breakdown," you can break down this individual creative's performance by your chosen metrics.

Saving your Top Creatives report

Your Top Creatives reports are automatically saved after creating and editing them. You can give your report a name by clicking "Untitled report" at the top of the page and entering text.

If you face any difficulties exporting your report to CSV file, feel free to contact our team in Intercom chat or at We'd be happy to help ;)

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